We are often asked questions by new clients about the design process, building issues and the project management of our schemes. In response to the frequently asked questions, we have written the following guide to the whole business of designing and building a construction project.

You will find working methods, work stages and our terms and conditions. This forms the basis of the contract that exists between Giles Pike Architects and our clients.

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

We are a RIBA chartered practice and as such we work in accordance with the RIBA’s ‘Plan of Work’ i.e. we work through the sequential work stages as set out by the RIBA’s conditions of engagement

Architects Registration Board (ARB)

All the architects working at Giles Pike Architects are registered with ARB and as such we all work in accordance with the Code of Conduct set out by the ARB

Overall Objectives

  • To produce imaginative and innovation design schemes in response to client’s brief.
  • Bring to the design and construction process a practical approach, to ensure that form most definitely follows function.
  • To project manage our schemes in a positive and professional manner and thereby ensure that our clients enjoy as smooth a ride as possible whist their project is in the construction phase.

Adding Value

In all our projects, we strive to ensure that the building costs and all associated costs (professional fees and VAT etc) are more that recouped in the subsequent uplift in the value of the property. This in not a factor that can be guaranteed but we do have an excellent track record in the respect of residential property values, well and truly eclipsing the overall client investment in the project. Therefore, we know that good design and careful project management really does add value.


We encourage our clients to discuss any of the points raised in the T&C’s and to seek clarification from us if they have any queries or concerns regarding any of our terms and conditions. We are always willing to discuss our client’s views and talk matters through, in order to reach an agreement regarding the services to be provided and the fee structures relating to those services.

Before we commence work on a project we require clients to agree to these terms and conditions.