Englewood Road is a renovation to an existing loft and a pod extension above the outrigger roof to a traditional Victorian terraced house. After listening to the clients’ needs for rooms which the family has outgrown, the brief consisted of relocating the Master Bedroom to the existing loft to make space for the boys’ new bedrooms on the first floor as well as relocating the existing laundry room.

To accommodate the area needed for the new Master Suite, we created a ‘pod’ on the outrigger roof which houses both the new master bathroom and laundry room. We’ve reorganised the existing staircase by relocating the top run of stairs within the master suite to gain an internal connection between the bedroom and master shower room. With the addition of a new roof light over the existing stairwell, the circulation space is filled with natural light to as far down as the ground floor entrance.

The areas for glazing in the Master Bedroom was maximised by introducing a floor to ceiling glass wall, clerestories, and a new roof light over the bed. The shape of the ‘pod’ is expressed by the new solid and void forms to create a feature wall looking out into the rear garden. What was a dark and subdivided loft with multiple rooms has now been transformed into an open and light-filled retreat.