This corner house in Peckham was formerly a shop with a flat above, but had been converted into a single dwelling some years ago.

The building was structurally sound, but had been very poorly modified and extended into the small courtyard garden. The kitchen was windowless and the interior in generally poor condition. Our task was to remodel the ground floor and improve and refurbish the upper floors with a limited budget.

We removed the side return, rear shower room additions and the rear ground floor walls to open up the building and to re-instate the courtyard garden. The rear of the building was re-structured using an offset reinforced in-situ concrete post and steel frame, and was capped with a slender concrete plinth over the rear glazing.

The concrete arrangement was designed to elevate the glazed panel to the kitchen to the level of the adjacent pivoting glass door – thereby bringing some order to an otherwise erratic façade. We opted for a smooth finished concrete and specified formwork to suit. The main contractor was very nervous about this element of the project, but executed the work beautifully. Our client was unsure about using concrete in this way, but now openly describes it as their favourite part of the building.

An exposed masonry wall extends through the side return and into the garden blurring interior / exterior boundaries. The garden has been landscaped to provide a raised concrete planter housing hardwood seating.

The upper floors were remodelled and fitted out to provide four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The roof space remains an interesting prospect for another day – with a roof garden currently under consideration!